Course Descriptions

All courses are offered for small groups in work or home settings at mutually agreed upon dates and times. Contact us to make arrangements.

CPR for Everyone

Curriculum by American Heart Association or American Safety & Health Institute

Designed for the lay rescuer. Includes CPR with automatic external defibrillator (AED) and choking management for adults, children and infants. This course takes about three hours to complete. Student earns a two-year certification. Register

CPR for Healthcare Providers (Basic Life Support)

Curriculum by American Heart Association or American Safety and Health Institute

For EMTs and other health care professionals. Student earns a two-year certification. Register

Basic First Aid

Curriculum by American Safety and Health Institute or American Heart Association

First aid basics including bleeding control, how to respond to signs of stroke, chest pain, difficulty breathing, diabetic emergencies and other common medical emergencies. This course takes about two hours to complete. Student earns a two-year certification. Register

First Responder

A step beyond Basic First Aid, this course prepares you to provide prehospital care for patients of all ages with a variety of medical emergencies and traumatic injuries. Course includes an introduction to emergency medical services systems, roles and responsibilities of first responders, anatomy and physiology. Register

CEVO 4 Ambulance

Curriculum by National Safety Council

Required for drivers of ambulances and other emergency vehicles. Classroom based (no driving). Approved for 4 CEUs for NJ EMTs. Register

CEVO 4 Fire

Comprehensive coverage of collision-prevention techniques including cushion of safety, apparatus positioning, handling blind spots, safe backing, operating on different types of road surfaces, parking procedures, apparatus inspection, apparatus handling, driving with and without sirens and safety at the fire ground. Register

Fire Rehab

The Fire Fighter Rehab course is designed to educate both fire fighters and EMS personnel what types of hazards fire fighters encounter during a fire, risk factors for heat exhaustion, heat stroke, cold emergencies, or physical injuries and how to treat them. Register

Hazardous Communications RTK

Complies with regulatory training for PEOSH Statute N.J.A.C. 12:100-7.  Discusses types of chemical hazards someone may come in contact with during the course of their work day and how to be protected from them including clean up and containment.  Register

Blood Borne Pathogen Awareness

Curriculum by Little Hearts, Big World

Protecting yourself from blood borne pathogens including Heptatitis B and HIV. Basic awareness of universal precautions, body substance isolation and prevention. Course takes one hour. Approved for 1 CEU for NJ EMTs. Register

Baby Sitting Safety

For 11-15 year olds providing babysitting and childcare services. Learn how to deliver basic First Aid, proper hand hygiene, proper method for changing diapers, safety tips for food preparation, how to handle unexpected visitors or phone calls, proper supervision, appropriate playtime activities and getting vital information from parents. Register

We also teach these classes:

Junior First Responder, CPR/First Aid Instructor (ASHI), Stress Relief for the EMS Responder (2 CEUs), Little Hearts Congenital Heart Defects in Children (2 CEUs), Coaching the Experienced Driver 3 (point reduction and insurance discount), Advanced First Aid Register for courses